Shimpo MF-20KG Mechanical Force Gauge 20 kg / 0.1 kg


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Shimpo MF-20KG Mechanical Force Gauge 20 kg / 0.1 kg

Model: MF-20KG

Mechanical, dial type instruments designed for measuring tension and compression forces. Real time mode shows force changes as they occur.

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Shimpo MF-20KG Mechanical Force Gauge 20 kg / 0.1 kg

Incredibly durable and user-friendly, our economical mechanical gauges are excellent for repetitive testing in assembly line or quality control lab applications. The peak mode Features an easy push-button reset; this is especially helpful for doing repetitive testing in an assembly line or quality control lab. The real time mode allows you to see force changes as they occur.

Ergonomically designed for handheld use, gauges may be used with the optional handle (great for loads over 15 pounds). Response time is immediate. Large, easy to read dial indicators are designed to reduce gauge parallax.

The MF gauges feature a die-cast aluminum housing. Mounts easily to all Shimpo test stands for even greater control of repetitive testing. Two year warranty.

Capacity: 20 kg
Resolution: 0.1 kg


  • Outstanding accuracy (±0.2% FS)
  • Peak mode
  • Precision gauge movement
  • Exceptionally rugged and dependable
  • English and metric models available
  • Smooth mechanical operation
  • Measure both tension and compression forces
  • Overload protected to 165 pounds
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Ideal for even the strictest tolerances
  • Easy push-button reset; holds peak at maximum readings
  • Allows user to observe force changes as they occur
  • Can be used in even the harshest conditions
  • Satisfy many testing parameters
  • Only one gauge needed for insertion/withdrawl tests
  • Precise action enhances confidence
  • Protects gauge from damage
  • Perfect for handheld use

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