SHIMPO DT-315P-230V 230 VAC IP67 Sealed Stroboscope

Model: DT-315P-230V

Designed from the beginning for harsh use this sealed (IP65) Stroboscope is suitable for working in areas without AC power.

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SHIMPO DT-315P-230 Offers

The DT-315P works just like the DT-315A battery operated strobe, however flash tube life is increased, so maintenance of the DT-315P is less. Equipped with Phase shifting in angle of delay (0-359 degrees) and flash time delay, (0-300 mSec) the DT-315P is engineered for checking speed, timing and wear on rotating and reciprocating machinery.

With its rugged “bumper”, sealed body, and internal (rechargeable) battery, the DT-315P provides the maintenance and quality professional, a rugged and accurate strobe-tach for inspection in harsh environments, of presses, conveyers, gear reducers, chain drives, fuel injectors, spray (paint) patterns, and many other industrial applications.


  • IP65 Sealed Construction
  • Spray and wash down proof; sealed against oil and moisture
  • Extruded Aluminum Construction
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Internal Battery Supply
  • No power cord to drag around
  • Extra Long Flash tube life
  • Almost no maintenance
  • Phase Shift / Time shift flash control
  • Precise timing/visual inspection in hard to reach areas while machine is running
  • Internal and External Trigger
  • Provides flash control by manual or external signal input such as sensors and contact switches
  • Rubber Boot protects stroboscope lens and flash tubes life from mishandling

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