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FLIR T440-KIT-15 Thermal Imaging Camera Kit with Standard and 15° Lens and Case

Model: T440-KIT-15

This FLIR T440-KIT-15 kit option offers the T440 compact infrared thermal imager with a standard lens as well as a 15 lens (15 f=30mm) and a hard carrying case.

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Add In House NIST Traceable Calibration to your T440

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Add In House NIST Traceable Calibration to your T440

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FLIR T440-KIT-15 FLIR T440 with standard and 15 degree Lens

The FLIR T440-KIT-15 Features the FLIR T440 High Sensitivity Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with standard and 15° Lens (15°, f=30mm) in a hard, compact case.


  • High Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D): <0.045°C @ 30°C
  • Wide temperature range: -4°F to 2192°F (-20°C to 1200°C) with ±2% or 2°C accuracy
  • Focal Plane Array detector with 320 x 240 pixels infrared resolution (76,800 pixels)
  • Measurement modes: Spot (up to 5), Area (up to 5), Isotherm, Hot/Cold, Delta T
  • Interchangeable lens with 1X-8X continuous zoom
  • Manual/Automatic focus camera with laser pointer, 3.5" multifunction Touch Screen LCD display and 120° swivel lens
  • Built-in 3.1 Megapixel visible light digital camera with video lamp
  • Scalable Thermal Fusion and Picture-In-Picture (PIP), Voice/Text/Sketch Annotation & Image Sketching, IR Windows Correction, Instant Report, Periodic Image Storage
  • MPEG-4 Digital Video recording, Radiometric/Non-Radiometric IR-Video Streaming (via USB or Wi-FI)
  • Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) for details enhancement
  • METERLiNK™ Wireless communication & Wi-Fi connectivity for sending images and data to mobile devices (iOS / Android)
  • SD card slot for image storage (more than 1,000 Radiometric JPEG images)
  • Complete with SD memory card, 2 rechargeable batteries, 2-bay battery charger, power supply, Bluetooth adapter, USB and video cables, stylus pen, lens cap, headset and hard carrying case
  • Includes FLIR Tools PC software for analysis of radiometric images

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