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3M 8501 Standard Static Dissipative Field Service Kit, 0.021

Model: 8501

Portable field service kit. Includes: 0.021' x 22 x 24" red static dissipative work surface with pocket, 3051 ground cord assembly, 3308 alligator clip, 2204 adjustable wrist strap.

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3M 8501 Static Dissipative Field Service Kit, Standard, 0.021

The 3M 8501 Static-Dissipative Portable Field Service Kit is designed to quickly and reliably remove any static charge on the technician and provide a static-free surface to lay parts on.

3M™ Portable Field Service Kit 8501 provides effective static protection in a compact package for the electronics field technician. The entire kit folds to a size that fits easily into most tool cases. Two pockets sewn into the worksurface provide storage for the cords.

The kit includes:

  • Static-dissipative worksurface, 0.021 in. x 22 in. x 24 in.
  • 3M Ground Cord Assembly 3051
  • 3M Alligator Clip 3038
  • 3M Adjustable Wrist Band 2204
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