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AEMC 2126.01 CL601

Model: CL601

MFG Part# CL601
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AEMC 2126.01 CL601

AEMC CL601 Clamp-On AC Logger Description

The Simple Logger® II Model CL601 is a battery powered, one channel recording device with an alkaline battery pack. Line tracking is performed such that 64 samples over one line cycle are taken. Frequency tracking is performed over the range of ±2Hz around the nominal line frequency (50 or 60Hz). Harmonic measurements are calculated from these 64 samples.

The Simple Logger® II records TRMS at a rate of up to eight times per second. The measurement process is performed no more than eight times per second. TRMS calculations are performed on a single line cycle. This means that the input(s) are ignored between measurement intervals.

The main advantage of the logger is its ability to perform a variety of recording tasks with easy and intuitive setup from a computer using DataView® software.

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