AEMC 403 Clamp-on Meter


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AEMC 403 Clamp-on Meter

Model: 403 | Order No: 2139.21

AEMC 403 Clamp-on Meter (TRMS, 1000VAC/DC, 1000AAC/1500ADC, Ohms, Continuity, Temperature)

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The AEMC 403 TRMS Clamp-on Meter provides a new standard for safety and measurement capability not available in any other clamp meter sold today. Safety Rated at 1000V CAT IV, it is safe to operate in all electrical environments. It is rugged enough for the most demanding work environments and will withstand both dust and water spray with its IP54 rating. It is ergonomically designed and easily used by one hand, including function selection and button pushing even with a glove on. In addition to the standard measurement of volts, amps, frequency, resistance, diode checking and continuity, the Model 403 offers several unequaled functions including: True InRush®, Adapter function, Delta relative function, Temperature measurement and more.


  • General purpose electrical troubleshooting
  • Motor start up analysis
  • Voltage troubleshooting
  • Bond and continuity checking
  • Temperature analysis


Models 401 403 405 407
Autorange Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic AC/DC Detection - Yes - Yes
A AC 0.15 to 1000A (1500A peak)
A DC - 0.15 to 1000A 0.15 to 1000A
A AC+DC - 0.15 to 1000A (1500A peak)
Best Accuracy 1% of Reading + 3 counts
V AC 0.15 to 1000A (1400V peak)
V DC 0.15 to 1400V
V AC+DC - 0.15 to 1000A (1400V peak)
Best Accuracy 1% of Reading + 3 counts
Hz Current: 5.0Hz to 2000Hz
Voltage: 5.0Hz to 20.00Hz
Ohm 0.1Ω to 99.99kΩ
Open Circuit Voltage ≤8V
Measurement Current ≤680μA
Audible Continuity Yes
Continuity Threshold Adjustable from 1 to 999Ω 40Ω
Diode Test (semiconductor junction) Yes No
Temperature (K type) -60 to +100°C (-76 to +1832°F) -
Singephase and Total Three-phase Power Values Yes
Active Power - 1W to 1000KW
Apparent Power - 1VA to 1000kVA
FP / DPF - Yes/No Yes/Yes
Harmonic Analysis - Yes
THDf/THDr - Yes/Yes
Frequency Analysis - No 25th order
Phase Rotation (2-wire method) - Yes Yes
True InRush (overcurrent measurement) Yes
Motor Inrush Yes
Load Change Yes
Hold Yes
Min./Max. Yes
Peak+/Peak- - Yes
Relative ?X / Differential ?X/X (%) - - Yes/Yes
Clamping Diameter 1.89" (48mm)
Display Backlit LCD
Resolution 10,000 counts
Number of Values Displayed 1 1 3
Auto Power Off Yes
Data Recording - - Yes
Communication Interface - - Bluetooth communication
Electrical Safety as per IEC 61010 1000V CAT IV; 1000V CAT III
Power Supply 4x1.5V AA
Dimension & Weight 3.62 x 10.70 x 1.31" (92 x 272 x 41mm)/ 600g
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