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Dwyer VFA-21-BV FLOW METER, 2in SCALE, 0.06 -0.5 LPM AIR


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Dwyer VFA-21-BV FLOW METER, 2in SCALE, 0.06 -0.5 LPM AIR

  • Scales are easy to read - The front scale location and white background provides excellent visibility.
  • Mid-range calibration is established with a master flowmeter.
  • Durable and attractive construction - The machined acrylic bodies of the Visi-Float® flowmeters are practically unbreakable.
  • Fabrication is backed by over 60 years of experience in acrylic instrument machining.
  • The tapered bore is precision machined to a smooth surface that provides perfect visibility of the indicating float.
  • Available with either brass or stainless steel inlet and outlet connections and are tapped for 1/8" NPT thread.
  • All standard models employ Buna-N o-rings for leak proof operation and are available with either back or end connections for horizontal or vertical piping.
  • Precision metering valves in brass or stainless steel are available for most VFA and VFB models.
  • Easy installation - All Visi–Float® flowmeters have metal mounting inserts on rear for panel mounting. They can also be supported directly by system piping.


  • Service: Compatible gases and liquids.
  • Wetted Materials: Body: acrylic plastic; O-ring: Buna-N (fluoroelastomer available); Metal Parts: brass standard, stainless steel optional; Float: stainless steel, black glass, aluminum, K Monel depending on range.
  • Temperature & Pressure Limits: Without Valve: 100 psig (6.9 bar) @ 150°F (65°C); 150 psig (10 bar) @ 100°F (38°C); With Valve: 100 psig (6.9 bar) @ 120°F (48°C).
  • Accuracy: VFA = 5% of full scale; VFB = 3% of full scale.
  • Process Connection: 1/8" female NPT. VFB ranges 85 and 86 have 1/4" NPT back connections or 3/8" NPT end connections. These ranges not available with brass valves.
  • Scale Length: VFA 2" typical length; VFB 4" typical length.
  • Mounting Orientation: Mount in vertical position.
  • Weight: VFA: 4.0-4.8 oz (.11-.14 kg); VFB: 7.2-8.8 oz (.20-.25 kg).
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