Megger MIT525 Megohmmeter, 5kV

Model: MIT525

Analog/Digital 5kV Megger. 500/1000/2500/5000V, 10Tohms, CAT IV 600V.

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Megger MIT525 Offers

The Megger MIT525 5 kV Insulation Resistance Tester Features: the industry's best guard terminal accuracy.


  • Industry best guard terminal accuracy
  • Smaller size and lightweight allows easier transport and use without compromising performance
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport and use
  • Auto IR, DAR, PI, Step Voltage, DD and Ramp
  • Unique dual case design provides additional user protection
  • Lithium-ion battery - extended capacity, rapid charge
  • Advanced memory with time/date stamp
  • CATIV 600V safety rating on all terminals

Megger MIT525 Specifications

Insulation Range, Analog 100kW to 10TW
Insulation Range, Digital 10kW to 10TW
Test Voltages 250V, 500V, 1000V, 2500V, and 5000V
User Defined Test Voltages 100V to 1kV in 10V steps, 1kV to 5kV in 25V steps
Accuracy ±5% to 1TΩ, ±20% to 10TΩ
Voltage Output Accuracy +4% -0% ±10V of nominal test voltage at 1GW load
Voltmeter Range 30 to 660V AC/DC, 50/60Hz
Voltmeter Accuracy ±3% ±3V
Frequency Range 45Hz to 65Hz
Short Circuit Current 3mA nominal, max. power on all loads outperforming many 5 mA testers
Insulation Alarm 100kΩ to 1GΩ
Current Range 0.01nA to 6mA
Current Accuracy ±5% ±0.2nA at all voltages
Capacitance Range (above 500V) 10nF to 25µF (dependent on measurement voltage)
Capacitance Accuracy ±10% ±5nF
Capacitor Charge <3 s per µF at 3 mA to 5 kV
Capacitor Discharge <250 ms/µF to discharge from 5000V to 50V
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What's included with the Megger MIT525

  • MIT525 Megohmmeter
  • Power lead
  • 3 x 1002-531 Medium insulated clips, 10ft (3m) leadset
  • User guide CD

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