Bacharach 0010-5036 Oil Burner Combustion Test Kit

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Bacharach 0010-5036 Oil Burner Combustion Test Kit

Bacharach Combustion Testing Kits continue to offer you the most economical means of testing for oil burner efficiency during installation or servicing. Each kit is designed with the service technician in mind and contains the instruments listed.


  • Fyrite CO2 Indicator - The Fyrite Carbon Dioxide Indicator measures the percent CO2 in a flue gas sample.
  • True Spot Smoke Tester and Oil Burner Smoke Scale - With the True Spot Smoke Tester and Smoke Scale, you can get an accurate indication of smoke content in flue gas.
  • Fire Efficiency Finder/Stack Loss Slide Rule - The Fire Efficiency Slide Rule is a quick and easy way of determining combustion efficiency and stack loss from the results of the CO2 and stack temperature tests.
  • Tempoint Dial Thermometer - High stack temperatures are cause for special concern and may indicate a serious condition.
  • Model MZF Draft Gauge - The intensity of draft determines the rate at which combustion gases pass through the boiler or furnace. With the MZF Draft Gauge, you can determine if draft is excessive or insufficient.
  • Draftrite Draft Gauge - In some Oil Burner Combustion Testing Kits, the hand-held Draftrite replaces the Model MZF Draft Gauge for measuring overfire and draft.
  • Carrying Case - Instruments for Bacharach Oil Burner combustion Testing Kits come in a rugged, plastic carrying case.

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