Rentals Frequently Asked Questions:

Why rent test equipment?
Renting test equipment and professional test tools allows you to minimize your expense and reduce your risk. It may not make sense to purchase equipment that is needed on an infrequent basis or is being used for a one-time project. Renting equipment preserves your cash and the expense of rentals is often billed to a customer job.

Why rent from is a preferred distributor of test and measurement instrumentation. We rent quality equipment that is fully calibrated and our trained engineers are available for technical support. We are an authorized distributor for most equipment in our rental pool and maintain strong relationships with the manufacturer, giving access to factory engineers for Tier 2 support.

Do you rent in my city?
Global Test Supply is located in North Carolina, but we ship our rentals to all 50 states.

How do I receive my equipment?
Our one-page equipment rental agreement can quickly be faxed or emailed and we will ship your rental directly to your door. When you are done with the equipment, just ship it back to us. We will NOT charge you for time in transit!

What if the instrument I want to rent is not available?
If you found the instrument on our website, but you do not see a rental price, you should contact us anyway. We frequently add equipment to our rental pool based on customer demand and may be able to purchase the equipment for you.

How long can I rent equipment?
You can rent the equipment for as long as you like. We have had some customers rent equipment for well over a year's time.