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Instek GOS-6103C 100 MHz Oscilloscope, Analog

Model: GOS-6103C

MFG Part# GOS-6103C
GTS Price $1395.00
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Instek GOS-6103C 100 MHz Oscilloscope, Analog

Featuring a built-in frequency counter, the Instek GOS-6103C 100 MHz Analog Oscilloscope has cursor readout with 7 measurements.

  • 100 MHz, Dual Channel, Delayed Sweep
  • Built-in 6 Digit Universal Counter (GOS-6103C)
  • 10 Sets Memory for Front Panel Setting Save & Recall (GOS-6103/GOS-6103C)
  • Time Base Auto-range (GOS-6103/GOS-6103C)
  • Cursor Readout with 7 Measurements
  • Panel Setup Lock of Digital-Control Functions
  • Buzzer Alarm
  • LED Indicators
  • TV Synchronization
  • Trigger Signal Output
  • Z-Axis Modulation Input
  • SMD Technology, High Stability and Reliability
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