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Kyoritsu 8142 Leakage Current Clamp Sensor, 1000mA AC

Model: 8142

Kyoritsu 8142 Leakage current clamp sensor

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Features a Conductor Size of ø40mm and has a CAT III 300V Safety Standard.

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Kyoritsu 8142 Leakage current clamp sensor

  • Conductor size: Φ40
  • Rated current: AC 1000mA
  • Output voltage: AC 100mV/1000mA (AC 100mV/A)
  • Accuracy: ±1.0%rdg±0.1mV (50/60Hz), ±2.0%rdg±0.1mV (40Hz~1kHz)
  • Withstand voltage: AC 3540V (50/60Hz) for 5 seconds
  • Cable length: Approx. 2m
  • Output connector: MINI DIN 6pin
  • Operating temperature ranges: 0~50ºC, less than 85% RH (without condensation)
  • Output impedance: Approx. 200Ω
  • Applicable standards: IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-032, CAT.III 300V pollution degree 2
  • Dimensions: 128(L) x 81(W) x 36(D) mm
  • Weight: Approx.240g
  • Accessories: 9095 (Portable case), Instruction manual, Option: 7146 (Banana Φ4 adjuster plug),7185 (Extension Cable)

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