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REED Instruments 9VU35-185 Industrial Thermometer 30 to 130 degree F

Model: 9VU35-185

MFG Part# 9VU35-185
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REED Instruments 9VU35-185 Industrial Thermometer 30 to 130 °F/-6 to 82 °C

  • CASE: Modern V-shape design parts molded of GE Valox® polyester, in black textured finish. Heavy glass protected front firmly secured against rattles by spring action. 9" long.
  • STEM: For 3-1/2" stems only and ranges up to and including 300 °F, the stem material is a precision die cast Zamac alloy.
  • LOCKING DEVICE: Adjustable case lock-nut and angle adjusting screw work independently to provide a full 360 degree positioning of thermometer case and stem.
  • ADJUSTABLE JOINT: Valox finished to match case. Completely encloses capillary to prevent tampering and foreign matter for entering instrument.
  • TUBE & CAPILLARY: Mercury filled magnifying lens "blue reading" tube. Precision made to guarantee accuracy within 1% of scale range. Silicone shock mounted for lasting durability.
  • SCALE: White coated aluminum with permanently baked bold black markings. Locked in place and adjusted through device at top of scale. There are no mounting screws to cover up scale markings.

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