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Dwyer MMA-40 Flow Meter, Mini-Master, 0.1/1.1 LPM Water


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Dwyer MMA-40 Mini-Master Flow-Meter, 0.1/1.1 LPM Water

  • Ideal for a wide range of OEM and user application in medical equipment, air samplers, gas analyzers, pollution monitors, chemical injectors, cabinet purging, etc.
  • The standard Model MMA flowmeter is suitable for both gas and liquid applications.
  • Can be configured by the user with the parts provided to have non-removable top or bottom from mounted metering valves or no valve at all. The transparent nylon material provides high chemical resistance, low moisture absorption and is transparent to facilitate routine inspection. Using the assembly key provided, the flowmeter can be disassembled anytime for cleaning or reconfiguration. In OEM quantities, ultrasonically welded caps or interchangeable mole cores enable production of the MMA flowmeter with a low profile or flat front surface where no valve is required.
  • Practically unbreakable, mounts easily, and is easy to read.
  • Two 5/16" OD mounting-connection tubes permit quick push-on connection of rubber or plastic tubing.
  • A bottom clip for "stand up" mounting is also provided.
  • Despite its compactness, the MMA flowmeter Features a 2" scales which combined with precision molding, enables highly repeatable readings to be made to within ±4% accuracy.
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