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Dwyer DS-300-6 In-line Flow Sensor (6" pipe size)


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Dwyer DS-300-6 FLOW SENSOR, IN-LINE, 6in

  • Designed to be inserted in the pipeline through a compression fitting.
  • They are furnished with instrument shut-off valves on both pressure connections.
  • Valves are fitted with 1/8" female NPT connections.
  • Accessories include adapters with 1/4" SAE 45° flared ends compatible with hoses supplied with the Model A-471 Portable Capsuhelic® Gage Kit.
  • Standard valves are rated at 200 psig (13.7 bar) and 200°F (93.3°C).
  • Where valves are not required, they can be omitted at reduced cost.
  • Available for pipe sizes from 1" to 10".
  • Provide accurate and convenient flow rate sensing for schedule 40 pipe.
  • When purchased with a Dwyer® Capsuhelic® differential pressure gage of appropriate range, the result is a flow indicating system delivered off the shelf at an economical price.
  • Pitot tubes have been used in flow measurement for years.
  • Conventional Pitot tubes sense velocity pressure at only one point in the flowing stream.
  • Therefore, a series of measurements must be taken across the stream to obtain a meaningful average flow rate.
  • The Dwyer® flow sensor eliminates the need for "traversing" the flowing stream because of its multiple sensing points and built-in averaging capability.
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