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Fluke 1555 Insulation Resistance Tester 10kV


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Add In House NIST Traceable Calibration to your 1555

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Add In House NIST Traceable Calibration to your 1555

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Fluke 1555 Offers

  • Measurements can be stored in up to 99 memory locations with each location assigned a unique, user-defined label for easy recall
  • Automatic calculation of Dielectric Absorption (DAR) and Polarization Index (PI) with no additional setup
  • Guard system eliminates the effect of surface leakage current on high-resistance measurements
  • Capacitance and leakage current measurement
  • Ramp function for breakdown testing
  • Resistance measurements up to 2TΩ
  • Large combination digital/analog display for easy viewing
  • Timer settings up to 99 minutes for timed tests
  • Long battery life gives the user over 750 tests between charges
  • Cat III 1000V, Cat IV 600V safety rating
  • Unit includes: test cables with alligator clips (red, black, green), infrared adapter with interface cable FlukeView Forms CD ROM, AC power cord, soft carrying case, users manual on CD-ROM, Quick Reference card, USB-IR cable installation guide, FlukeView Forms installation guide
  • Kit includes hard case instead of soft, heavy duty alligator clips and ceritifcate of calibration


Insulation Resistance Measurement

  • Test Voltages (DC): 250V: 50G; 500V: 100G; 1000V: 200G; 2500V: 500G; 5000V: 1T; 10,000V: 2T
  • Bar Graph Range: 0 to 1T
  • Insulation Test Voltage Accuracy: -0%, +10% at 1mA load current
  • AC Current Rejection: 2mA maximum
  • Charging Rate For Capacitive Load: 5s/µF
  • Discharge Rate For Capacitive Load: 1.5s/µF
  • Leakage Current Measurement: Range: 1nA to 2mA
  • Accuracy: ±(5% rdg. + 2nA)
  • Capacitance Measurement: Range: 0.01uF to 15.00µF
  • Accuracy: ±(15% rdg. + 0.03µF)
  • Live Circuit Warning: Warning Range: 30V to 660V AC/DC, 50/60Hz
  • Voltage Accuracy: ±(15% rdg. + 2V)
  • Timer: Range: 0 to 99 minutes

General Specifications

  • Display: 75mmx105mm
  • Power Supply: 12V lead-acid rechargeable battery
  • Charger Input (AC): 85V to 250V AC 50/60Hz 20vA
  • Dimensions: 170 x 242 x 330mm (6.7 x 9.5 x 13")
  • Weight: 3.6 kg (7.9 lb)

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