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FLIR TS32 Night Vision Camera, 76800 Pixels (320 x 240)

Model: TS32

FLIR Scout TS32 Infrared Thermal Night Vision Camera

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The FLIR TS32 Night Vision Camera is the ideal tool for outdoorsmen of any kind, whether you're hunting, hiking, camping or just a nature enthusiast, with its high resolution making night activities easier to see and adapt to.

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FLIR Scout TS32 431-0003-07-00S 19mm lens NTSC 7.5Hz Video Thermal Imaging Camera

Utilizing heat instead of light, the New FLIR Scout TS32 uses 320x240 resolution to help you spot heat signatures day or night!

The original FLIR Scout, the TS-Series continues to provide unparalleled field performance and value along with excellent image quality. This handheld thermal imaging camera gives hikers, hunters, and outdoorsmen of all stripes the ability to see clearly in total darkness, providng a wealth of valuable informtion during any nighttime excursion. Scout, powered by the same advanced technology used by military and law enforcement, is the first personal thermal imaging camera afordable enought to give every outdoorsman the unsurpassed practical advantages of full-resolution thermal imaging night vision.

Scout makes images from heat, not light, a feat impossible for the naked eye or even image intensified night vision devices, which means you can see clearly even without any visible light at all. People, animals, and objects all make their own heat and their own contrast, and are clearly seen by the Scout in even the most adverse conditions.

Scout enables the outdoorsman to:

  • See animals and difficult terrain in reduced visbility and total darkness
  • See through smoke, dust and light fog
  • See camouflage and foliage in any lighting conditions
  • See more - and farther - than with low-light night vision goggles.


  • Image Resolution: 320x240 FPA Resolution
  • Field of View - 24 x 18
  • Freeze image on LCD display
  • 2x Digital E Zoom


  • Hot Shoe Charging and Video Output Attachment
  • 4 Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries
  • AC Power Adapter/Charger
  • Neck Lanyard
  • Manual
  • USB Cable
  • Video Output Cable
  • Quick Reference Guide

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2X Optical Extender for HS-324 ONLY. Generates 12° x 9° field of view to extend range performance.
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FLIR Tactical Carry Bag for Full-size Cameras 4115397 8587
Sturdy reinforced and padded nylon carrying case for transport of one Scout camera plus accessories. (Note: Tactical Bag is included with TS Series "Pro" Option)
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FLIR 261-1021-00 Replacement Eye cup 261-1021-00 11430
Replacement Iris eyecup for the TS and HS model imagers
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FLIR 4115972 Replacement Video Output Cable 4115972 11435
FLIR 4115972 Video Output Cable
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FLIR 4115975 Replacement USB Cable 4115975 11436
FLIR 4115975 USB Cable
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