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3M CTM048-2128 EM EM Eye Meter ESD Event Tester

Model: CTM048-2128

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3M CTM048-2128 EM Eye Meter Tests and Logs ESD Events, EMI Fields, and RF Signal Measurements with ESD and EMI Sensors

The EM Eye Meter is a state-of-the-art universal hand held instrument that measures ESD events, EMI and RF signals all in one instrument. Its multifunction capability and versatility is virtually unmatched in the ESD industry with an ESD events sensor, and EMI sensor and an RF signal sensor available in one device.

3M CTM048-2128 Features:

  • Color touch screen with a modern user interface
  • Speaker and headphone alarm output with volume control
    (3.5 mm headphone jack)
  • Portable hand-held size
  • Supports data logging by using a miniSD™ card and exports to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Detects ESD events and characterizes them in most HBM, CDM and MM models as well as being able to reject non-ESD related events
  • EMI sensor transforms the meter into a dedicated EMF meter, a power density meter and an EIRP meter in addition to detecting and measuring high frequency electric fields
  • Optional RF sensor can be used for measuring RF signals to provide a readout of signal voltages (CTC029)


  • 1-CTC021 ESD Sensor - Provides information on estimated discharge voltages at a specific location, what it occurred, and how many discharges have occurred
  • 1- CTC028 EMI Sensor - Detects and measures high frequency electric fields that may be present
  • 1-EM Eye Meter
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