Amprobe RTD-10 Dual Input Digital RTD Thermometer

Model: RTD-10

This Wireless Dual Input Digital RTD Thermometer is thepreferred choicefor industrial process applications.

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Amprobe RTD-10W Wireless Dual Input Digital RTD Thermometer

It typically provides higher accuracy then thermocouples and maintains stability for many years.

Resistive thermal devices (RTDs) are becoming the preferred temperature sensors for precision industrial applications. Instead of generating voltage, RTDs generate electrical resistance, which varies linearly with temperature. Amprobe RTD thermometers maintain long-term stability for superior repeatability of measurements, when compared to thermocouples.

  • Wireless two-way transmission
  • RTD dual input function
  • Pt3916/Pt3926/Pt385 RTD standard
  • °C/°F user-selectable
  • Max/min with elapsed time, AVG, REL, Hhold functions
  • Warning beeper with hi/lo setting
  • Resolution 0.1°C or 0.2°F
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