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AEMC 6240 10A Micro-Ohmmeter


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The AEMC 6240 Micro-Ohmmeter 10A is a rugged, low resistance tester designed for both plant maintenance and field use. It is a cost effective, feature rich instrument designed for checking contact resistance, bond resistance and other low resistance connections.

Utilizing a four-lead Kelvin method of testing, the AEMC 6240 Micro-Ohmmeter accurately measures very low resistance within 0.25%. Resistance measurements are automatically calculated from 1µΩ to 400Ω with resolutions down to 1µΩ. The AEMC 6240 has selectable test currents of 10A, 1A, 100mA and 10mA and includes a polarity reversal function.

The AEMC 6240 is designed to conduct tests on both resistive and inductive material. Up to 99 measurements can be stored and printed directly to a printer or from a PC. Polarity reversal is easily accomplished with a push of a button. The resistance measurements of both positive and negative test results, as well as the average, are displayed. A large easy-to-read multi-line backlit display indicates all test result information including the resistance measurement, test current and test voltage. An internal NiMH battery pack is rechargeable from 110/230V, 50/60Hz. A fully charged battery can perform up to 850, 10A tests.

The DataView® software included allows you to: download data, temperature compensate the test results, store data and print reports using predefined templates or custom templates you create.


  • Ground connections and continuity measurement
  • Resistance measurements on motors and small transformers
  • Contact resistance measurements on breakers and switches
  • Component measurement
  • Electrical cable resistance measurement
  • Mechanical bond tests
  • Wire to terminal connections
  • Aircraft and rail bonds

What's Included

  • DataView Software
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable

Key Features

  • Measures from 1μΩ to 400Ω
  • Test current selection from 10mA to 10A
  • Manual temperature compensation (with DataView® software)
  • Front panel polarity reverse function
  • Stores up to 99 test results
  • Operator safety by automatic discharge of residual charge on the equipment under test
  • Auto store of multiple test results
  • Internal, rechargeable batteries conduct up to 850, 10A tests
  • Built-in battery pack recharger recharges the batteries by connecting to the AC line using a standard line cord
  • 4-Wire measurement with automatic compensation of undesirable voltages and lead resistance
  • Large multi-function backlit display
  • Direct display of the measurement with its units, range and test current
  • Rugged, sealed case

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