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AEMC 3000-36-2-1 Flexible AC Current Probe, 300/3000A, 36"

Model: 3000-36-2-1

AEMC 3000-36-2-1 Current Transformer

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Models ranging from 30Arms to 30,000Arms. Accuracy 1% of Reading.

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The AmpFlex® is a flexible AC current probe composed of a flexible sensor and an electronic module. The flexible sensor permits measurements on conductors where standard clamp-on probes cannot be used. Measurement range is 5 to 3000A. Output signal is 10mV/A and 1mV/A. Sensor length is 36".
  • Measuring wide bus bars
  • Measuring crowded circuit breaker panels
  • Measuring around large cable bundles
  • Measuring in any traditional application
  • Measuring around irregular shapes

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Customer Reviews

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